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Welcome to real history mysteries

of the Italian Renaissance,

featuring the brilliant and winsome

Nicola Machiavelli 

COMING SOON:  Machiavelli, Murder and the Medici  

The latest Nicola Machiavelli Real History Mystery focuses on her not-yet-infamous father Niccolo and the brutal recapture of Florence by the Medici that pushed him from porwer and eventually into imprisonment and torture for a crime he likely didn't commit. As always you will find murder, sex, romance,  Nicola's great detective work and great Renaissance art throughout. 

The Nicola Machiavelli historical mystery series, which will span the entire high Renaissance, is the brainchild of Stanford history graduate Maryann Philip. A Borgia Daughter Dies, Da Vinci Detects, and Martin Luther and Murder have collectively sold tens of thousands of e-copies and consistently gotten 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. 


The fourth real history mystery takes Nicola to England early in the reign of Henry VIII and his first and most fascinating Queen, Katherine or Aragon. Assassins steal cannons Henry VIII ordered from Italy's finest armory and behead those guarding them. Is one of England's feuding families determined to reignite the War of the Roses, or does the young king have new enemies? Caught in the middle between a lustful King Henry, his jealous Queen Katherine and the unknown conspirators is the brilliant and beautiful Nicola Machiavelli, who delivered the cannons. The King pursues her for sex and threatens her with death. The Queen, seeking to protect everyone, asks her to investigate. Nicola will explore coastal castles and witness the splendor of Tudor Christmas traditions to expose crimes that endanger Henry's crown. 


All four are available at https://www.amazon.com/Maryann-Philip/e/B009WCCZ6O?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1605047238&sr=1-1




Ms. Philip (a nom de plume) graduated with honors in "Renaissance Studies" (a self-created interdepartmental major) from Stanford University in 1975, having spent part of her junior year at Stanford's Florence campus, researching her honors thesis using original Italian texts in the Biblioteca Nazionale. She then went to law school (U. Chicago '78) and spent the next twenty-five years raising children and practicing law, with occasional time out to sing in small ensembles devoted to Renaissance music. She is now able to devote herself to her favorite period in history:  the Italian Renaissance.